TPG provides investigators who are former U.S. Government Special Agents with wide-ranging investigative experience and subject matter expertise. We help you triage your problem, institute data gathering techniques, analyze and recommend mitigation strategies.  Our investigators quickly support our clients in all aspects of due process whether criminal, civil, administrative, or regulatory.  We conduct precise and comprehensive investigations with seasoned professional investigators to include: interviews, data gathering and analysis, corporate process improvement, documents reviews, trial preparation, and where necessary, covert investigations. TPG also works with a network of law firms and can recommend trusted lawyers within our network when appropriate. We have expertise in the following areas:

  *  Government Contracts   *   

    *  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)  *

 *   Fraud and Theft   *

 *   Due Diligence   *

*   ITAR   *      

*   False Claims (Qui Tam)  *

 *   Money Laundering *

*   Terrorism  * 

 * International Business *

 *   Internal Disputes   *

 *   Health Care  * 

 *   Cannabis   *

Extradition Photo - landing in Dayton -
Extradition Photo - landing in Dayton -

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ICCTF Team at Helo Pad for FB_edited_edi
ICCTF Team at Helo Pad for FB_edited_edi

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Erbil 005
Erbil 005

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Extradition Photo - landing in Dayton -
Extradition Photo - landing in Dayton -

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Legal support for law firms is a cornerstone of our business.  We provide highly trained and experienced former federal agents with a proven track record of success.  Our investigators will partner with your firm to provide investigation and litigation support, strategic recommendations, and even transportation services when needed.  We also perform witness interviews, background checks, due diligence reports, and assistance during settlement negotiations.  We also travel to search warrant sites and help your firm navigate what to do when a search warrant is conducted on your client.  Our investigators are the perfect compliment to your winning team!
LOGO C-TECC REP Transparent.jpg
LOGO C-TECC REP Transparent.jpg

"Preparation is the key to a safer tomorrow"

We help you build a comprehensive and credible Active Shooter Response program with SURVIVE, our Active Shooter/Threat and Tactical Medicine (TacMed) training course. We provide Department of Homeland Security (DHS) certified instruction and state-of-the-art U.S. Military, battle-proven trauma first aid training (TacMed).  This program is provided in conjunction with guidelines instituted by military and professional committees including Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC), with whom we are an authorized educational partner.  To ensure continuity and effectiveness in our training, we also provide individual and facility level trauma kits - the same kits provided by the DHS  to federal agencies including federal law enforcement organizations. Partner with us us to join the growing number of SURVIVE trained professionals, teachers, and citizens who are trained to respond to Active Shooter Incidents and provide life saving first aid to victims of traumatic injury.  



How Tactical Medicine Training Saved Her Life


WHAT IS TACTICAL MEDICINE ? A battlefield-proven emergency medical program developed by the U.S. Military that helps keep victims of trauma alive until help arrives.  TacMed was first trained to Special Operations Forces and later to all service members as a method to increase survival rates of service members wounded in remote locations in Iraq and Afghanistan who did not have immediate access to medics or field hospitals.  TacMed was so successful in saving lives that it was moved into the civilian arena and trained primarily to law enforcement.  However, with the increasing threat of active shooter violence, this training has become a cornerstone of institutional and corporate preparedness.  TacMed is more effective in saving lives than CPR.  In-house TacMed capabilities wherever groups are present provides a layer of protection for your students, peers, and employees. Partner with us to empower and protect your people. TacMed is also important because:


   * TacMed can be taught to any age group 

   * TacMed addresses the 3 major causes of death from trauma 

   * TacMed provides employees with a sense of purpose and empowerment

   * TacMed provides the training and equipment to render aid until help arrives 

   * TacMed saves lives - studies show increased survival rates of 50% with TacMed training


Disrupting PATHWAYs TO VIOLENCE™ Threat Assessment Team Training

We are an approved Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC) Threat Assessment Training Provider that helps your school implement and train behavioral threat assessment teams.  Our training is based upon the most recent information available from the FBI Behavioral Threat Assessment Center (BTAC) and U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC).  Our experts have decades of experience and have conducted hundreds of threat assessments and tabletop exercises for the FBI.  Our training guides your school with best practices for implementation and operation of threat assessment teams. Our evidenced-based training teaches the threat assessment process and allows your team to practice simulated threat assessments during tabletop exercises before having to conduct a real assessment. Our experts work collaboratively with all stakeholders including schools, school resource officers, safety managers, and mental health professionals.  We help your team prevent violent acts by identifying concerning behaviors, spotting stressors, and interpreting signs that an attack may be coming.  We can help you disrupt persons who may be on a pathway to violence and get help for those who need it. Some important benefits include:


* We bring training directly to your school or ESC, saving valuable time for your staff.

* We provide access to our experts after training to assist you with implementation.     

* We provide a free district wide workshop for all teachers after team training is

   complete to help coordinate this program within your school.

* State grant money is available to allow you to receive training at no cost or low cost.  


High-Performance Police Training  Policing has become a difficult profession for many of our nations' heroes.  Police are increasingly rejected, targeted, and undermined by those they serve. Our High-Performance Police Training program improves the skills and capabilities of your officers and improves their physical, mental, and emotional health through training programs designed specifically for them. Our trainings also help with officer retention.  Our training is federally recognized and taught by subject matter experts from the FBI and DoD.  These evidence-based training programs includes:

Officer Resiliency  Strategies for self-help to reduce workplace and personal stress  and improve officer retention. Our program can also help you organize and implement peer-support, connection to local resources, and developing a plan to help you navigate how to provide help to affected officers. 

De-Escalation  Strategies to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations through active listening.  We can help you deal with people in crisis by teaching you to interpret communications and language that improves safer outcomes. 


SURVIVE  We train your organization how to manage the full cycle of emergency response: Prevention, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. As a cornerstone of our training, we also prepare your organization with resiliency strategies to successfully respond to traumatic injuries - whether a workplace injury, car accident, or active shooter event. We empower your people with U.S. Military developed, battlefield-proven trauma first aid technology that saves lives.  We inspire people to act through Department of Homeland Security (DHS) training protocols and the same training and equipment provided to U.S. Government agencies.  We can also provide your organization with the latest research and information about the Active Shooter phenomenon, how to recognize, react, and respond to an Active Shooter event, and provide you with the skills and equipment to SURVIVE a violent encounter.


MITIGATE360  Facility safety consulting utilizes specialized and government recognized standards to provide your organization with best in class physical security consulting services.  We provide you with a comprehensive security physical security assessment that includes a 360 degree evaluation of your facility and recommendations for enhanced security measures. We can also provide you with a vulnerability assessments that help you plan for physical security upgrades.


CORPORATE SHIELD Risk Management Solutions: We assess organizational security programs and their effectiveness in protecting employees, customers, sensitive information, intellectual property, and proprietary information. Our team of experts focuses on minimizing risks related to financial transactions, partner relationships, insider threats, supply chains, and brand infringement and degradation.  We offer critical risk management solutions including: Unraveling complicated transactions, vetting clients/executives/partners, background and due diligence checks, tracing funds and assets, and foreign corrupt practices/new market support.