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We had a great day of training with our newest partner, Vandalia-Butler City Schools.  We share knowledge and experiences that help schools create safer learning environments for our kids.  We are honored to get such outstanding feedback:

" The training provided by The Pohl Group to Vandalia-Butler was extremely impressive. Their team’s government-level knowledge was clear in their presentation and evidenced by their varying experiences. They did a fantastic job of pointing out the significance of each person’s role...Our principals are anxious to have them return to conduct similar trainings..." 


We had a great training day with Urbana PD, our newest training partner. We were honored to share our knowledge and support police departments with capabilities that keep communities safe. Urbana PD now has the training and duty carry emergency medical kits necessary to help their citizens SURVIVE mass casualty events and traumatic injuries. Great leadership makes a difference and they are getting it right in Urbana!

Class Photo - Seneca County Regional Training - The Pohl Group - 11-4-2021.jpg

11-4-2021  We were honored to host Regional Training sponsored by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Offfice and Tiffin PD. We love working with our law enforcement partners and sharing knowledge that helps strengthen police organizations. Congratulations to the officers who completed Officer Resiliency and De-Escalation through Active Listening training today!

FBI NA Retrainer 9-22-2021.jpg

9-22-2021 Honored to present to the FBI National Academy's Ohio Chapter fall retrainer. We provided Lessons Learned for Leaders from the horrific mass shooting attack in the Oregon District of Dayton, OH just over 2 years ago. We are committed to helping communities become safer places through our training programs for Police, Schools, and Industry.

Class Photo - Arc & Greenville TA Training 8-19-2021.JPG

8-19-2021 - We had a great day of training with Greenville City Schools and Arcanum-Butler local schools. Threat assessment training is critical to establishing a credible program to disrupt those who may be on a pathway to violence and keep our kids safe. Thanks to a great group and we are proud of the work you are doing!

a SURVIVE 6-30-2021 Class Photo - The Pohl Group, llc.jpg

"The Program was outstanding!  With 30 years of law enforcement experience, it was one of the most useful courses that I have taken."  

There is no bigger honor for us than to be complimented by experienced law enforcement professionals.   Our SURVIVEtm training program helps you navigate acts of violence and mass casualty events and provides you with the training and equipment you need.  Thanks to the Department of Justice for trusting us!  


We are honored to help leaders with the professional development of police officers.  We add critical skill sets that are most relevant to policing today.  Sign up for our classes at Great Oaks Public Safety Center, Cincinnati, OH or contact us to bring our classes to your department or regional training event.  

On May 26, 2021 we provided SURVIVEtm Training for the Mason, OH Police Department.  We provided education about active threat attackers including motivations, trends, case studies, and the latest research.  We also trained law enforcement response strategies for active threat attacks and taught attending officers how to save lives using U.S. Military developed trauma first aid techniques and equipment. We are honored to partner with law enforcement agencies to provide training that is evidence-based, relevant, and dramatically increases safety for officers and community.
Great Oaks Leadership Conference invitia
On March 8, 2021 we will be providing training with nationally recognized law enforcement leadership speaker, Mr. Paul Butler, at the Great Oaks Leadership conference just outside Cincinnati, OH.  We will be training law enforcement leaders about the importance of providing their people with advance law enforcement training that enhances the physical, mental, and emotional strength of Police.  Our High-Performance Police Training provides leaders with the means to protect their Officers with Trauma First Aid Training and Equipment, Officer Resiliency Strategies, and De-Escalation training to face todays challenges in law enforcement. Contact us or Great Oaks to sign up for this valuable leadership conference at an extremely affordable price!
Ken Wall joins The Pohl Group as Executive Vice President.  Ken is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI who helped develop and lead the FBI's Critical Incident Response Team and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  He is also the former Director of SAFE Cincinnati a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati's readiness to deal with security threats.  Ken has responded to critical incidents including Police involved shootings, mass casualty events, and terrorist attacks - including the crash of flight 93 in Shanksville, PA on 9-11-2001.  Ken is also an adjunct professor for Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies at Tiffin University.  His significant leadership and technical experience with the FBI and private sector security operations provides us with enhanced capabilities to support the needs of our clients. d FB
Kelley Drye Legal Download Podcast.jpg
On November 19, 2020 we were thrilled to participate in "The Legal Download Podcast" with Partners Jaimie Nawaday (White Collar Chair, New York Office) and Matt Luzadder (Managing Partner Chicago, IL) at Kelley, Drye,& Warren.  Great conversation about the Governments use of the Grand Jury, Search Warrants, and Subpoenas, and best practices to protect yourself.  You can listen to the podcast at this link: 
The Pohl Group utilizes former federal agents who have been involved in hundreds of search warrants, subpoenas, and investigations that can advise your business with the best path forward.
Community Training Event 10-2020.png
On October 25, 2020 we will be holding a unique training opportunity for the public.  Mark Pohl, Former Federal Agent and DHS trained instructor, will be teaching how to survive violent encounters and Tactical Medicine.  TacMed is a military developed, battlefield-proven trauma first aid technology that bridges the time gap between traumatic injury and help by medical professionals.  Our training increases survivability by 50%. Appropriate for all community members, LE, EMS, CCW, church safety teams, teachers and industry.      Pay by paypal to sign up at: 
Class closes on 10-16-2020.  Watch for email confirmation
In July, 2020 we had the pleasure of presenting to the FBI Dayton Chapter of Infragard regarding the Oregon District Mass Shooting.  If you found yourself in a mass shooting incident, would you know what to do?  Our trained experts from the FBI, DoD, and DHS can help your organization prepare and save lives of the people you care about most.
Colin Role Player.jpg
In April 2020 we provided advianced SURVIVE training - Tactical Medicine and Active Shooter Response at Arcanum High School. SURVIVE training utilizes U.S. Military developed, battlefield-proven trauma first aid technology to prepare your organization to respond!
Click here to read more and contact us to schedule training for your organization!
Mason Training in-class photo.JPG
On October 18th, 2019 we we honored to provide SURVIVEtm training to the Mason Police, EMS, and Schools.  They now have the training and equipment to help themselves, fellow officers, and citizens survive traumatic injury until help arrives.  Great class.  #Together we can make a difference!
OSPDA Featured Speakers 11-15-2019.jpg
Thrilled to have been a featured speaker at the OSPDA conference and to share the stage with Lt. Col Dave Grossman.. Small and medium size schools are statistically a "high risk" for being targeted by school mass murderers.  TPG specializes in training teachers and administrators how to prevent and respond to active shooter incidents.  We have a passion for teaching small and medium size schools who need it the most.
January 2019 news article about our QRF Red, Tactical Medicine Training Program..  Click here to learn more about training offered by The Pohl Group:  One common theme has been documented in the aftermath of active shooter incidents - the misplaced belief that "it will never happen here." 
Oregon Tragedy Fund.jpg
TPG is involved in helping prepare Dayton against active shooter incidents through training focused on prevention using pre-attack indicators and building an in-house response capability utilizing Tactical Medicine.
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide SURVIVE training to Arcanum High School.  The school now has the training and equipment necessary to help victims of trauma survive until professional medical help arrives.  This  in-house response capability increases survival rates from traumatic injury and empowers teachers with training and equipment to help their students!  
Mark meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray in Detroit, MI (2018)
ICCTF Team at Helo Pad for FB_edited_edi
International Contract Corruption Task Force, Kabul, Afghanistan (2013).  We specialize in the investigation of government contracts and international business.
We are forming classes for 2019.  We conduct Active Shooter/Threat and Tactical Medicine (TacMed) training on site and on your schedule. Want to know more about TacMed training?  Click here.
The use of tourniquets to stop bleeding is one of the cornerstone of TacMed training.  Survival rates of gunshot victim can increase 25% or more with this in-house response capability.
ATSITP Instructor Certificate 7-2018 FIN
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Active Shooter Certified Instruction. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Artesia, NM (2018).  
Administering medical aid in stressful conditions is a major part of our TacMed training focus. Survivors of active shooter events frequently site lack of training as a primary source of survivor guilt.
Department of Homeland Security Instruction for Active Shooter/Threat and TacMed training now available for your organization.  
240 Crater Survey 2010.JPG
Our "Guardian" consulting program will identify and fix preparedness gaps to make your facility safer.  Partner with us for your emergency management needs.
Press Release from DOJ regarding Extradi
Department of Justice (DOJ) press release regarding the first extradition of a fugitive from Iraq:
"Metin Atilan, 54, is the first person extradited from Iraq to the United States pursuant to the U.S.-Iraq extradition treaty of 1936.  Today's extradition demonstrates the never-ceasing efforts by investigators at home and abroad to bring to justice those accused of defrauding the United States and our military." said United States Attorney, SDOH, Carter Stewart.
Atilan - Bulliten Board Article - 2015.j
The inspiring story of the first and historic extradition of a fugitive from Iraq to the United States is chock full of fascinating twists and turns to kick off your next event.  From the international undercover operation to the escape, fugitive tracking, the fight on the plane, and extradition of this fugitive during the height of the ISIS movement in Iraq.  Jump start your next event! 
LOGO C-TECC REP Transparent.jpg
TPG is a recognized educational partner of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC).  Our TacMed training program provides recognized and accepted emergency medical protocols.
Extradition Photo - landing in Dayton -
Wheels down!  First Extradition of a fugitive from Iraq to the United States in U.S. History (2016).  We pride ourselves in our world-class Investigative Services.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Tactical Medicine (TacMed) Certified Instruction. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA (2018).  
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